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Gaming Boosting Websites

Fully developed LoL, OW, etc... Gaming Boosting Websites and Scripts

Hosting Business Development

Full Hosting Business Development, path from zero to first customer

Web Development

Generic web development and design


Consulting for any kind of web based business


My Portfolio + some of the websites are for sale

HTML + PHP LoL Boosting Website

WordPress Variety Gaming Boosting Website

HTML + PHP LoL Boosting Website

HTML + PHP LoL Boosting Website

WordPress Web Hosting Business

HTML Web Hosting Business

HTML VPN Service

HTML VPN Service

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About me

I'm a hobby web developer and business entrepreneur.

I have been doing web development for years now as a hobby. My main focus is on server management and hosting. Business development is also an important part of both hosting and server management.

If you are looking to kickstart your project I can bring enormous value and savings to your project. Simply schedule a consultation with me to see if there is anything I can help you with.

I'm confident that once we start talking you will see that enlisting the help of a seasoned veteran can never be a waste!