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Website Promotion and the Five Keys to Success
« on: January 20, 2018, 12:57:28 PM »
In this day and age there is so much information and spam out there. I read somewhere that we see over 3,000 advertisements a day. When your senses get overloaded you start to go numb to it. Advertisers are trying harder and harder to trick you and to entice you, and do what ever they can to get your attention. This is a poor way to do business. More and more people are blinded by the bucks, and are not keen to their consumers needs. That is why so many online ventures fail. In this article I am going to illustrate the 5 keys to making website promotion on the internet successful.

The best way to promote your website is building trust with your customers. For those of us without household names, we need to work extra hard at this one. Think of your customer as a date. When you first meet your date you don’t walk up and say will you marry me? You ask for a dance or start talking. Same with meeting a customer. A big sign that flashes "buy it now" does not make me want to purchase anything from you, and why would it? There are lots of good ways to build trust with your clients. Testimonials, good spam free information, starting your own newsletter, creating a press release, and writing articles such as this one are all good ways to get your name out there, and help you start your relationship with your customers on the right foot.

Consistent business comes with referrals. One great strategy is to offer some sort of discount, or special service for referred customers. Eventually once you get established, you can setup a referral program where your past customers can earn commissions. What could be better than having a bunch of satisfied customers with a story, go out promoting your business for you?

Start a list of opted-in people that you keep on file. You can not buy this list you have to build it. If you have a list of 500 people that want to know more about your company, and appreciate your emails, they will not only read your emails, they will turn in to more sales. Think about this for a second. Lets say you spend 500$ to send out 10,000 email messages through an auto-responder. Even if your special offer is really good, you will be lucky to get 5% to read it let alone open it. But if you send the same message out to those 500 people on your list you will probably get at least 50% of your recipients will read it.

Massive action yields massive results. McDonalds spends close to 60% of their profits on advertising. If they didn’t they would not have grown as fast as they did. Promoting your business takes a lot of money and time. The more you put in to it the more you get out of it. Don’t use your entire advertising budget on just one source. Keep building and exploring. There are a lot of quality places on the internet to promote your business. They can be found. They best way to find quality places is see what your competition does. Type in your keywords for your company and see what comes up. Who is rated highest? Write down those names. Then go to your favorite search engine and type “”. It should list off all the websites that link to your competitor’s website. Approach those webmasters and offer to exchange links, or purchase a link from them. They will help your sales and visits to your website.

Understand that nothing in life is easy. You have to put the work in and spend the time promoting your website. I recommend at least 4 hours a week promoting. If you can give up 4 hours of TV time throughout the week, then you can start building some real income, and before you know it. Your opt-in list is large, sales are increasing, and your wallet gets fatter. You will become a success, as long as you are working at it. You will experience ups and downs along the way. But remember “While it is possible to change without improving it is impossible to improve without change.”