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Creating an online presence is no small task. From choosing your domain, creating your website and laying the foundation for your SEO are all hard things to do. Unfortunately, the biggest mistakes can be made at the first few decisions.

If you register a penalized domain, start a website with a platform that scales poorly and is unsafe then the cost of correcting these errors can be enormous.

For this reason, please contact us for a free consultation so you can use our experience gained during the past few years right away!

We have also prewritten a PDF that describes the process of creating an online business from start to finish with a lot of important information. This includes which domain, website and SEO services you need. You can download the PDF here!

Platform considerations

HTML: A simple HTML website with no back-end is the simplest and fastest solution for any kind of landing or informational page. It's also fairly easily edited by non-developers, while being extremely low maintenance. New MYSQL, PHP and other updates don't impact it as much. You can see HTML websites made 20 years ago working just fine. That being said, a simple HTML website is also very limited in functionality as it can only be used as a front-end.

HTML+PHP: If you make the front-end with HTML, then making a simple back-end with PHP a good choice. It is fast, highly customizable and generally low maintenance as well. As PHP gets updated it might be necessary to update some of the code every couple of years though. One disadvantage is that creating a back-end or script with PHP can take a lot of time and money, as in most cases you have to start from scratch. It's also easier to edit PHP code for a newbie, then let's say Python or C.

WordPress: WordPress is the most beginner friendly and easy to use CMS. While it can have performance issues at high traffic and it can get bloated with features, it's still the best option for any kind of business, without a dedicated web developer to maintain the website. Updates come out periodically for free for both WordPress and the Plugins. It's also easy to change without any coding, both the front-end and the back-end. You can also add or remove features fairly easily. If you strike a good balance between features, website speed and front-end elemenets you will get a very powerful website for your business.

Why we don't recommend Drupal/Joomla/Python/Others anymore: Drupal and Joomla are also CMS platforms, however, since they are less popular, they have less features and updates by default. Aside from extremely niche uses, there will be no benefit that they offer over WordPress for the average user. You can also make websites in Python, C and all their frameworks. The issue is, it would be extremely hard for a non-developer to make any edits or fix smaller issues. Also hosting requirements and maintenance is much more demanding in these cases.

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