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Off-site SEO is all the SEO that you do outside of your website. This includes link building, social media adverts, paid adverts, blogs, etc... In order for your website to rank well, search engines need to see that your website is linked/mentioned from other authoritative websites in your own niche. The best way to do it is to build quality backlinks that link to your website.

Email lists: Buying email lists from a shady forum or website is illegal! That being said, adding your offer to a mass email campaign that originates from a domain where the user/customer signed up is a good way of getting some additional traffic to your business. This is completely legal of course. While this method does not contribute any SEO and it will be hard for you to find another website to promote your business in this way, this is an inexpensive and low-effort way to gain traffic and customers.

Private Blog Network (PBN): A PBN is basically a network of highly authoritative websites that look like separate real blogs from the perspective of the search engines, but are owned by a single person or organization. A PBN is a much cheaper and easier way of getting quality banklinks than getting guest posts on a "real" blog. Also, with a PBN you will be able to control every aspect of the backlinks. The duration, anchor text, the blog post and the website itself. There is also no risk of the website going down. If the PBN is made well, there is no good way for the search engines to tell that it's a PBN. PBN backlinks are the strongest form of off-site SEO available, not to mention, it can also generate traffic for you.

A PBN comes in two forms: Truly private or open. A truly private PBN is when only your own backlinks can be found on the blog. An open PBN is when links are sold without any restriction. Obviously, a truly private PBN is safer, however, it is not feasable to build it simply for a single website. Highly authoritative domains cost a lot and you also have to put in the effort to create the blog, pay for the domain and hosting. Also, you have to have the know-how not to get caught.

At webdevote we have a semi-private PBN. While we allow links to be placed from third parties, we don't accept all customers without restriction. We make sure your project is not a "throwaway" website, your business is in the correct niche and we only place 1 link/month on each of our PBN websites. All links remain on the PBN forever.

When you buy links from us 5 PBN links get you around 100-200 RD (Referring Domains) and TF5-20 websites with one of the 5 being TF20+. RD and TF are the strongest indicators of the authoritativeness of the domain. RD defines how strong it is, while TF defines how trustworthy it is.

We have also prewritten a PDF that describes the process of creating an online business from start to finish with a lot of important information. This includes which domain, website and SEO services you need. You can download the PDF here!

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Off-site SEO FAQs

These questions are the most frequently asked regarding our Off-site SEO services

Aren't PBN-s black hat and illegal?
  • By some people it is considered black hat, but it's not illegal. While search engines do try and find the PBN networks, in our experience, they can only find the most poorly made ones. Even then they don't penalize your website/business, simply reduce the link strength that comes from the PBN. A well made PBN blog should be indistinguishable from a real blog. What this means is that the difference lies in 'intent' raher than content. A good PBN will have the same effect as a real authorative blog, but it costs less to get backlinks.