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Before you even start to do any SEO you have to do research and make a decision regarding the keywords you will go for. Choosing the correct keywords is essential in maximizing traffic, ranking and exposure.

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Once you decide on your keywords, it's very hard to make changes later on as you already made the investment. The first thing you want to do is keyword research. Once you identified your niche and the most commonly used terminology to describe your services, you need to compare the keywords in all combinations to see which ones produce the most traffic.

You have to separate 2,3 and 4-word keywords as it is easier to rank for longer tail keywords. If for example, a 3-word keyword produces similar traffic then the best 2-word keyword, then you want to rank for that 3-word keyword. The only way to be sure is to do rigorous SEO and keyword research.

We will

-Find the best keywords for your products/services on a page

-Generate 2-3-4 keyword combinations

-Find the best 2-3-4 keyword combinations

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