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PHP: PHP is a programming language aimed at communicating with the underlying server. PHP is updated regurarly.

Python: Python is a general programming language used to develop any kind of application. Some use it to develop websites or web applications.

MySQL: MySQL is the most used database framework.

GIT: GIT is a versioning software used to create any kind of program of application.

phpMyAdmin: With phpMyAdmin you can log in to your database and make edits manually.

FTP: FTP is File Transfer Protocol. It's an old but solid protocol of transferring files between your local computer and the server.

Cron Jobs: Cron Jobs are used to automate tasks by defining a path and regularity.

Forwarders: You can forward any email you get to any other email.

Catch-All Email Account: A Catch-All Email Account let's you collect all emails that arrive to your domain.

Autoresponders: Autoresponders let you automatically respond to emails with a pre-written response.

Hotlink Protection: With Hotlink Protection you can disallow other domains to link to you if you find that an issue.

IP Blocker: With the IP Blocker you can block IP-s and entire IP ranges that would access your website.

cPanel: cPanel is a software used to manage web-hosting accounts and all it's features.

SSL: SSL is an ecryption protocol used to create a more secure channel between the user and the website.

Softaculous: Softaculous is a package installer. It let's you install most software used in web-hosting very easily.

LiteSpeed: LiteSpeed is a web-server software that is the fastest at this time.

CloudLinux: CloudLinux is an operating system designed for web-hosting architectures.

Addon Domains: Addon Domains define how many additional domains you can host within your cPanel account.

Subdomains: Subdomains define how many additional subdomains you can host within your cPanel account.

MariaDB: MariaDB is an improvement of MySQL while being very similar in every way.

ionCube: IonCube allows you to encrypt your PHP code used in your applications.

Ruby On Rails: Ruby On Rails is a web-based implementaion of the popular programming language Ruby.

IMAP & SMTP: IMAP & SMTP are email protocols used to send emails.

Why choose WebDevote Web Hosting

WebDevote offers you certain features no matter which web hosting package you choose!

Free cPanel

cPanel is the best management platform for you website and web applications

24/7/365 Support

Our support team is ready to answer your questions and solve your issues

Easy 1-click-installer

Softaculous is the market leading software to install apps on your cPanel

Lightspeed Web Engine

Lightspeed is the fastest and most robust Web Engine on the market

Let's Encrypt
Free SSL

All our plans come with automatic unlimited free SSL via Let's Encrypt

10-Day Refund Policy

If you encounter any issues you are entitled to a full refund

Technologies FAQs

These questions are the most frequently asked regarding our Technologies

Can I upgrade/downgrade later?
  • Yes, all Web Hosting and WordPress hosting packages can be upgraded and downgraded automatically. You don't have to do any additional work aside from ordering the upgrade or downgrade.

    You can also switch between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting at any time!

What are the WebDevote nameservers?
  • Our Web Hosting nameservers are:



    Our WordPress Hosting nameservers are



    You can update your nameservers at your domain registrar or if you purchased your domain from us, it is configured automatically!

Why are all packages yearly?
  • We decided to only offer yearly packages for a few reasons.

    First of all, it helps us combat fraud and abuse, since you have to pay for the entire year in advance.

    We are also able to offer our packages at a lower price because of the longer duration hosting. We are essentially pushing those savings to you!

    Most of our clients have very important businesses or projects and they cannot afford any downtime due to forgotten or unpaid invoices.

Can I host multiple websites with a single package?
  • You can host as many websites as the hosting package allows. The addon domains feature describes how many additional websites you can host.

    If the package has 1 addon domain that means you can host 2 websites maximum. 1 by default and 1 added by the addon domain.

    If there are an unlimited amount of addon domains in a hosting package, that means you can host an unlimited amount of additional websites!