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PHP: PHP is a programming language aimed at communicating with the underlying server. PHP is updated regurarly.

Python: Python is a general programming language used to develop any kind of application. Some use it to develop websites or web applications.

MySQL: MySQL is the most used database framework.

GIT: GIT is a versioning software used to create any kind of program of application.

phpMyAdmin: With phpMyAdmin you can log in to your database and make edits manually.

FTP: FTP is File Transfer Protocol. It's an old but solid protocol of transferring files between your local computer and the server.

Cron Jobs: Cron Jobs are used to automate tasks by defining a path and regularity.

Forwarders: You can forward any email you get to any other email.

Catch-All Email Account: A Catch-All Email Account let's you collect all emails that arrive to your domain.

Autoresponders: Autoresponders let you automatically respond to emails with a pre-written response.

Hotlink Protection: With Hotlink Protection you can disallow other domains to link to you if you find that an issue.

IP Blocker: With the IP Blocker you can block IP-s and entire IP ranges that would access your website.

cPanel: cPanel is a software used to manage web-hosting accounts and all it's features.

SSL: SSL is an ecryption protocol used to create a more secure channel between the user and the website.

Softaculous: Softaculous is a package installer. It let's you install most software used in web-hosting very easily.

LiteSpeed: LiteSpeed is a web-server software that is the fastest at this time.

CloudLinux: CloudLinux is an operating system designed for web-hosting architectures.

Addon Domains: Addon Domains define how many additional domains you can host within your cPanel account.

Subdomains: Subdomains define how many additional subdomains you can host within your cPanel account.

MariaDB: MariaDB is an improvement of MySQL while being very similar in every way.

ionCube: IonCube allows you to encrypt your PHP code used in your applications.

Ruby On Rails: Ruby On Rails is a web-based implementaion of the popular programming language Ruby.

IMAP & SMTP: IMAP & SMTP are email protocols used to send emails.