Author Topic: 10 things to ponder when selecting a .com  (Read 267 times)

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10 things to ponder when selecting a .com
« on: January 20, 2018, 10:58:54 AM »
This article I wrote appears on my site and I Thought it would be useful.

1. Proper names VS Common Names. First of all, there are two different kinds of names, proper names (unique words, person, place), or common names (things like cars or cheese.) The types of names that will have a good lasting effect on the internet are proper names. Think of some of the biggest sites on the internet, such as yahoo or google, why are they the most popular search engines in the world? Simple, the average consumer will group names of things with there .com names. If the names are too similar they get lost in the mix. That is why no one names their car dealership cars. Sure cars are what they sell, but image the conversation, Frank asks “what dealership did you buy your car from?" Jim replies “"? as you can imagine it would get really confusing. A lot of dealerships use proper names such as XYZ Motors. That is why a lot of sites such as aren't doing as well as say

2. Real world Brands. The most successful brands on the internet are not “real world" brands. That is why does over three times as much business as or combined. Internet branding is important. In my opinion, the sites that are going to last on the internet are the ones with proper names. Proper names can be anything, names, and unique words. Use your imagination just as long as it is catchy and unique. It was a good idea to put www.what you are selling back when the internet was young. People used the URL as a directory tool. This is a dying fad.

3. KISS Method. Keep It Simple Stupid. The best sites out there have simple easy to remember names. you don't see many popular names like

4. Shorter means better. If there is a shorter way to use your name do it. There is a reason isn't and isn't The less I have to type in the search box the happier I am.

5. Spelling 101. Make your .com easy to spell. Back when your product was mailed by the postal service spelling wasn't as important. You could get away with misspelled words and it would still be delivered. But now you have to enter your .com name exactly right for it to work.

6. What is in a name? Words that are better for search engine names and brand names all together have less total letters. That is why Datsun which has 6 letters to make there name changed to Nissan which has 4. As general rule brand names do better with the lower this number is. Such as Yahoo it takes 4. Google, it takes 4.

7. Abbreviate. Take a look at America Online. They didn't make there site they made it AOL. Other abbreviated names include, MSN and Cnet. This goes with the keeping it shorter rule but it is another possible helper.

8. Name it after a person. In 1987, PC's Limited changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation. They named it after Micheal Dell the CEO. In 2003, the company became Dell, Inc. Dell, Inc. became the most profitable PC manufacturer in the world. Dell sounds a lot better than PC Limited.

9. Hidden meanings. Most names have hidden meanings such as Amazon which is the largest River on earth, is the largest bookstore on earth. I recommend you take a look at

10. Run names by friends and relatives. They can be your best source for ideas, and best of all they will tell you if something sounds good to them or not. Ultimately whatever .com you choose it has to sound good to you.

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Re: 10 things to ponder when selecting a .com
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2018, 10:59:16 AM »
Thanks! That is a really helpful read! Can anyone suggest a good cheap domain name provider?
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